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Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is the Pakistan’s First Liberal Arts University located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Chartered by the Government of Punjab, Beaconhouse National University was established in 2003 by the Beaconhouse School System and its Board of Directors chaired by Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri to provide modern education while ensuring that the history and culture of Pakistani society are respected. Beaconhouse National University is a non-profit, apolitical, equal opportunity, co-educational institution offering Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate programmes in modern disciplines, many of which are not offered anywhere else in Pakistan.

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is located in Lahore, Punjab ‐ Pakistan. Tarogil Campus is located at 13KM Raiwind Road, Lahore ‐ Pakistan.




BNU Bestival

We go again! With Bestival 2015. Beaconhouse National University is proud to present its fourth installment of an eagerly awaited annual event. This year’s theme will especially tickle all you Science fiction fans out there. STEAMPUNK! What is that? Well in one word “INTERSTELLAR”. It’s dabbling with the machine, the invention which rocked the 19’nth century, and started a revolution, which has never looked back since. This revolution of the machine which started all those centuries back is still going strong, so much so that it has captured the imagination of every man, post modernity. This year we’ve taken it up a notch and will be expecting ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking from all you creative people out there. This theme represents the advancement of human existence and the dilemmas that come with it. Like our previous events this too will follow the interdisciplinary genre from music, to performance to film to sports. It’s as big as it gets and we can’t wait for it to start.

This year BNU Bestival will be commencing from 19th Feb to 22nd Feb.



Sartaj Aziz

Shahid Hafiz Kardaar

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all participating teams at the BNU Bestival’15. I must begin by congratulating the BNU Bestival organizing teams and the BNU Student Body for arranging yet another exciting event this year for their fellow students from other institutions across Pakistan.
The BNU Bestival is an endeavor of BNU students, management and faculty with the financial support and sponsorship of our friends and partners from the corporate sector. It is an initiative to promote cultural exchanges across institutions to provide students from diverse backgrounds a platform to experience the environs of a Liberal Arts university by participating in the core disciplines offered by BNU in a co-curricular setting.
I hope the broad array of events put together by your fellow students during the four day Bestival live up to your expectations and provide you with an opportunity to not only have loads of fun but also learn from these exchanges.




Zaeem Yaqoob Khan

Zaeem Yaqoob Khan

It is a matter of great pride for me and the BNU student body that BNU Bestival, in just a span of four years, has become an event eagerly awaited by so many. What is more reassuring is the fact that despite a steady passing over of the baton of leadership each year from one generation of students to another; Bestival has successfully maintained its uniqueness and distinction. This year, the Bestival features the theme of SteamPunk and celebrates the spirit among the youth for taking charge and making a difference in the society. As I welcome you to the BNU Bestival’15, I hope that during the course of the four days of the event we all come together in a unifying spirit to hone our potentialities and learn from each other.





Talaal Burny

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the participating teams at the BNU Bestival’2015. BNU Bestival is an annual event put together by students for the youth of the country under the supervision of faculty, support from the management and sponsorship from our corporate partners. By arranging BNU Bestival, BNU aspires to live up to its reputation as the first liberal arts University of Pakistan and to facilitate interaction between the youth of diverse backgrounds. With these competitions, BNU Bestival hopes to bring together people with varied tastes and encourage healthy competition in order to stir a spirit of camaraderie between them.

The BNU Bestival needs your participation and contributions this year again! And I am certain that just like the participants of last year; you will take back a whole lot of great memories with you and come back next year with renewed passion and energy.


This year BNU Bestival will be commencing from 19th Feb to 22nd Feb.



Welcome to the registration instructions

To register yourself or your team, go to the COMPETITIONS section above and click on your desired competition – a pop-up screen with competition details will appear. Now click on “Register Here” tab to open the competition registration form.

For any queries, feel free to contact:
Tayyab Naseem 0324-4412151, 
Kamran Tahir 0320-7770900

Registration Fee Structure

Registration fee per participation at any competition is Rs 500/- only.
All social events are FREE for the participants.

Registrations Deadline

Registrations intake will be closing on 15th February

Note: It is mandatory for all the participants to bring an authority letter from your institute and your original CNIC.


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Tarogil Campus, 13-km from Thokar Niaz Baig ,Raiwind Road, Lahore


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